Mailbox Trees From the Treemore Brand is a Product Range in Which the Tree Takes Centre Stage, Where Everyone Can Take Care of Their Own Tree at Home, Watching Them Grow. the Trees Are Sourced From an Dutch Nurseries & Are Delivered in a Flower Pot & Packaging That has Been Specially Developed to Fit Through a Letterbox. the Tree is Supplied in the Soil & in a Bio-Based Flower Pot Made From Elephant Grass Fibres. the Packaging & the Supplied Information Booklet Are FSC Certified & 100% Recyclable. Available in Different Varieties. the Persian Silk Tree (Albizia Julibrissin), the Honey Tree (Styphnolobium Japonicum), the Downey Birch Tree (Betula Pubescens) & the Japanese Nut Tree (Ginkgo Biloba) Are Seasonal Trees & Can Only be Ordered Between Mid-March & September. the Other Trees Can be Ordered All Year Round. an Original Way to Surprise Someone Whilst Also Making the World a Little Greener. Minimum Quantities Apply.
SC Ref: SC00472905
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£15.00 to £21.99
£ This price range is based on an approximate order value of £1500 . Please Note: Prices for Minimum Quantities may be higher.